Green Energy for Global Impact

Arham” epitomizes our allegiance to magnanimity and asceticism, reflecting these foundational Jain virtues in our pursuit of ecological stewardship. Our crusade is propelled by this doctrine, as we endeavor to erect the paramount bastion of green energy within India’s borders, championing the cause of a carbon-neutral globe. By weaving the tenets of benevolence and simplicity into the fabric of our operational ethos, we aspire to redefine the energy paradigm, ensuring our initiatives not only advance environmental sanctity but also pay homage to the sanctity of life, manifesting the quintessence of “Arham” in every facet of our mission.

V. M. Jain

I am proud to steer our transition from coal trading to leading India’s shift towards green energy. This journey reflects our commitment to sustainable development and aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision for a Net Zero India by 2070. Embracing bioenergy and alternative sources, we’re not just adapting to the global energy shift; we’re actively shaping a future where economic growth and environmental stewardship go hand in hand. Our foundation in the energy sector, combined with the guiding principles of “Arham” – compassion and simplicity – drive us to innovate and contribute to a sustainable, carbon-neutral future for India.


To lead India’s energy transformation through innovative and sustainable green solutions.


Empowering a carbon-neutral future, guided by the principles of compassion and simplicity.
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