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Arham Green Energy

Arham Green Energy is dedicated to spearheading the transformation towards a sustainable future. In alignment with the global vision of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2070, we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint to zero. Our efforts are encapsulated in our pioneering platform, Net Zero by 2070, and our multifaceted initiatives under the brands Hydrojinn, Evolta, and Grove Energy.

Net Zero by 2070 Platform


Accelerating Transition: Our goal is to catalyze the Government of India's transition to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2070, contributing significantly to global climate change mitigation efforts.


Comprehensive Platform: Net Zero by 2070 serves as a one-stop solution for planning, implementation, and execution, driving the vision of a carbon-neutral future.

Hydrojinn Initiatives

Cheapest Electrolysers in India

Cost-Effective Technology

Hydrojinn is focused on manufacturing the most affordable electrolysers in India, aiming to democratize the production of green hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen Production

Scaling Up

We are intensifying our efforts to ramp up the production of green hydrogen, positioning it as a key player in the sustainable energy landscape.

Green Hydrogen Derivatives

Decarbonizing Industries

Our innovations extend to developing green hydrogen derivatives, aimed at decarbonizing heavy industries like ammonia production, steel manufacturing, and methane generation.

Evolta: Revolutionizing Battery Storage

Cost Reduction

Evolta is our dedicated brand working towards reducing the cost of battery storage, particularly for intermittent wind and solar energy, making renewable energy more accessible and reliable.

Grove Energy: Advancing Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen in Transportation

Under the brand Grove Energy, we are focusing on the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells in the transportation sector, with the end product being environmentally friendly H2O vapors.

Our Commitment

Arham Green Energy is not just about energy transformation; it’s about shaping a sustainable world for future generations. Our diverse initiatives under Hydrojinn, Evolta, and Grove Energy are testaments to our dedication to innovation, sustainability, and global environmental responsibility. Join us in our journey towards a Net Zero future by 2070.
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